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Nicon Build Pre-Construction Services is something not encountered with many builders. The pre-construction involvement can minimize costly surprises when the project moves forward. Nicon Build can utilize our years of experience to help devise strategic approaches to solve problems and ensure that every phrase of the construction process goes off as planned. 

These ongoing consultations in the pre-construction phase are designed to help the client feel more confident in the ongoing process toward construction. It also saves time, and therefore money, during the actual construction phase. Despite initial costs, pre-construction is proven to save money as it helps prevent costly issues from arising during the construction phase of the project. 

Planning is an integral part of construction projects, where many moving parts need to come together seamlessly. An initial overview of the project’s logistical requirements, projected completion date, and the building methodology that will be used offers security that we have accounted for every detail that will arise during the construction phase. 

Conceptual Plan Review

This part of the Nicon Build pre-construction services is where we work to finalize the creation of the roadmap that will assist you in accomplishing your vision from conception to reality. We will go over every step of the initial project planning, give knowledgeable input based on years of experience, and come out with a conceptual plan that all parties agree is feasible for the site and the budget. During this part of pre-construction, we will address any obvious issues and concerns and propose solutions. 

Field Condition Review

The field condition review will include reviewing site selection and feasibility studies, evaluation of soil conditions on-site, checking for existing utilities, and outlining contingency plans. We will determine what equipment will be needed, and any other field conditions that might impact the building plan. 

The execution of each construction project is site-specific and influnececd by natural conditions such as weather and soil. Social and locational conditions such as local building codes and the labor supply must be given a thorough review as well. A field condition review gives us the opportunity to lock down permits and resources ahead of time to avoid delays once construction begins. 

Material Evaluation

The desires of the client, including a focus on green energy and sustainable development, play a significant role in material evaluation. The acquisition of construction materials and components is one of the most significant investments in any project. Evaluating the material for functionality, energy consumption, economic aspects, and the meeting of construction deadlines is crucial to bringing a project in on-time and on-budget. 

A comprehensive material evaluation early in the design phase has the most potential to reduce costs, meet client specifications, and the opportunity to offer alternative solutions when feasible to comply with the functional and aesthetic requirements of the client. Material evaluations will include everything such as foundational materials, insulation, heating and cooling apparatus, roofing, and finishing materials. 

Design Options and Alternatives

Design and construction are one integrated system instead of two separate processes. If the initial design does not satisfy all the requirements of the site, we are prepared to offer options and alternatives that will meet issues identified in the field condition review or the material evaluation. 

Market demand can often lead to changes in design at any point during the construction process. We offer options and alternatives for items susceptible to market demands, meaning we have a back-up solution ready to go if the initial design solution is not available for whatever reason. 

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