Custom Build and Designing Fine Interior Spaces

Modern Construction Design

Adding personal touches to a home or commercial space can be the difference between a memorable, inviting experience and a cold, sterile environment. However, with countless custom build designs and aesthetics, the world of architecture and design can be overwhelming. Consulting a contractor who can bring your ideas to life can help.

When hiring a custom building contractor, be sure they are hands-on and will see you through the final stages. A quality contractor will prioritize tailoring the project to each client’s individual needs. Finding a reputable contractor that suits you might take time but is well worth it.

Custom build and design contractors like Nicon NYC make it their mission to develop close relationships with leading restaurants and fashion brands through highly-personalized and customizable designs. Their reach extends to all five of New York’s boroughs, and team members include architects, builders, and interior designers. 

The company produces modern-feeling spaces featuring eccentric pieces that breathe life into residential and commercial. Fusing current trends with vintage designs that stand up today, they create unique spaces that feel both fresh and familiar. Some of Nicon’s top clients include Etsy, Aesop, and Ann Taylor.

Regardless of which contractor you choose, be sure they are transparent about their pricing and practices.

Choosing a Contractor

It is beneficial for ease and peace of mind to choose a contractor who will take on the bulk of the work, including daily minutiae tasks like scheduling and placing orders.

Reputation is essential when choosing a contractor for renovations or a new build. Custom interior designs can be tall orders, and any small mistakes or mishaps can be costly. Before selecting a contractor, research several companies and ask around. A reliable contractor will have positive testimonies and will be transparent about the services they can provide.

Check for portfolios on contractor websites. Consulting a portfolio will help you decide if a contractor is right for you based on their previous work. If you are considering multiple contractors, schedule consultations with each to discuss your vision for your building project. During a consultation, the contractor should be able to divulge information about availability and pricing. 

Make sure the contractor knows their way around building permits and processes, and before signing a contract, be sure that there are no discrepancies and the contract meets your needs.

Design Process

Before going into the designing phase, you should have somewhat of an idea of what you want. It’s helpful to write out your wants and needs to help the contractors and designers conceptualize your vision.

Businesses like Nicon partner with leading architects and designers to ensure they keep abreast of upcoming trends, so they will be able to curate a design blueprint that fits your desired aesthetic. A good custom build contractor will consult their clients closely throughout the design process.

One of Nicon’s unique features is that some of its design and construction processes coincide, which economizes time and money. During their pre-construction phase, costly design flaws are weeded out to avoid surprise expenses, and a strategic plan of attack is devised to ensure the project moves forward efficiently. Mapping out the construction process allows them to identify potential roadblocks and provide alternative options before the building begins.

Your contractor should consult you throughout the design and construction process to ensure you are satisfied with the project so far. In some cases, market demand can throw a wrench into plans. Your contractor should plan for fluctuating market demands for certain materials so that they can offer back-up solutions without falling behind schedule.

Another one of Nicon’s unique selling points is that they take even the finest details of a client’s wishes into account, including ethics and sustainability concerns. They assess which materials will suit the project best based on functionality, energy-efficiency, and budget. Before proceeding with any purchases, they conduct a comprehensive material evaluation to reduce costs. The assessment covers all materials used, such as foundation, insulation, heating and cooling appliances, and roofing materials.

Building Process

Hiring a contractor takes the onus of project management off of the client by providing them with a team of professionals who oversee day-to-day operations on the project, such as weekly meetings, cost control, scheduling, order tracking, and risk management.

Although the bulk of the client’s role is completed during the design phase, a good contractor will keep them in the loop and provide updates on how the project is progressing.

Contractors like Nicon take on the task of producing important construction documents and daily tasks like working with subcontractors and overseeing quality assurance. Essentially, once the building begins, the contractors take on the heavy lifting.